Youth Group Games: Headbanger Bop

This game was submitted to the collective by Dan Istvanik


Players will have to “head bang” with a balloon tied to their forehead to see how many times they can hit themselves in the head with the balloon.


  1. 2 “Punch Balloons” (balloon with rubber band)
  2. 2 Bandanas
  3. A sound system
  4. Your favorite “metal”, “hardcore” music (*Demon Hunter…)

How to Play:

Ask two volunteers to come up the front. Sting the rubber band of the balloon through their bandanas and tie them tightly around their head. (*old school Bret Michaels!). On “Go!” the music starts and players start head-banging as fast as they can to get as many “hits” in one minute. Winner is the player that has the most hits.

Swinging the balloon around the head does not count. They have to be able to create a “balloon punch” style motion