Cross & Flame Youth Pictures

Welcome to the Truth Slayers Musical Mission Tour portion of our picture gallery! Click any of the thumbnails below for a larger version.

Click on any of the thumbnails below for a larger version.

Phil & Greg

Youth Pastor Phil & Adult Greg
attempt evangelistic efforts on a
commoner of Boston's park

Mark and Adam didn't work, but at least we
made friends with him!

Group Shot

One of the many shots of friends
while on the musical tour;
taken in Plymouth, MA.

Group Shot

A shot of our group at a beach in
Newport, Rhode Island.


Choir conductor Bradley Swope
just doesn't know when to
stop conducting!


A shot of one of our performances
on the road during our musical tour.

Trey & Greg

Trey and Greg show off at the
Vanderbuilt mansion.

Purgatory Chasm

A quick glimpse of the vastness of
Purgatory Chasm.

Group Shot

A group of friends in front of the
Mayflower II, built near our
own home!

Group Shot

A shot taken at the cliff on the
Vanderbuilt mansion's estate.

Greg & his trashcan

Some people are just facinated by
the most usual things in New York.


Emily, we have showers for that!


Ever tried to have a morning
devotion on the side of the
interstate at a truck stop in
New York State?

Robin & Mary Ellen

Robin and Mary Ellen talk about
Phil behind cups in the church
where Phil grew up.

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