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dc Talk- Supernatural

I didn't think it could be done, but they did it! Supernatural is as awesome, if not better than Jesus Freak. They took all the concepts, everything that worked, and made it better. Like the song "Supernatural", it sounds a bit like Jesus Freak, only different. It has a kinda eerie sound in the beginning and then it turns into a loud statement about God being there, and watching us, and how supernatural it all is. Then in the middle it has this techno sound and a few whispered lines that make the song sooooo intriguing. I think if you listened to this CD once, that would be the song you'd remember. I can't name a favorite song; it's my all around favorite CD! The song "Red Letters" is very very true. It's about the words Jesus speaks in the Bible and what they offer: "Hope for the hopeless, peace and forgiveness, there is life in the red letters." Then there's "My Friend (so long)". Which is the coolest song written in a while. It's about a Christian Band that stopped singing and shinning for God. "We know exactly where you are and you're gone, my friend. Don't know exactly where you're coming from, you've gone astray." I could go on and on about how cool that song is but I won't. You have to hear it for yourself! The only thing I was disappointed about was that there was no reprise on this CD like the one of "Jesus Freak"! And there weren't any little clips of cool sayings or funny stuff. And most surprisingly, no rap interludes!!! The poem at the end written by Kevin Max is really amazing the way it ties in the picture of the boat on the back and the title and theme of the whole album. All the singing on the album has a fresh tone, it's not the same ol' boring blah blahs. "Since I Met You" has three different sounds. The beginning is slow and tells a story, and then it speeds up into a blur of life and lyrics, then bursts into a chorus you can't get out of your head. It's probably going to be sung around campfires and in youth praise services for a long time. "Godsend" is a sweet tune written to the loves of their lives. "The Truth" is powerful in its message. It's not a message you hear much in songs. It has an honest sounding tune and quietly spoken, well-written lyrics. "Dive" is an interesting song about diving into God's arms. I like the words, they tell an interesting story. "Into Jesus" (which was the first radio single) is an awesome song! It's about the hugeness and wonderfulness of God's creation. It's about believing and feeling God inside of you. And wanting to shout out "Hey, you! I'm into Jesus!!". "Wanna Be Loved" is the greatest foot stompin', hand clappin' jumpin' around song!! It is so true. My recommendation? Run, don't walk, to the nearest Christian bookstore or Target or Wal-Mart get this CD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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