Cross & Flame Youth Pictures

Welcome to the Senior High Mission Trip pictures!

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Benjamin, our priciple guide while
in the Dominican.

Traveling Dominican style!

Christy takes painting lessons while
in the Dominican.

One of our church going experiences.

At church, we told a bit about ourselves.

Secret Agent Man!

The new Lois and Clark.

Hanging out at a local diner.

Still there...

The infamous Jose.

Don't ask.

I didn't do it. I swear!

Some of the kids of the Dominicans
we worked with.

Some of the kitchen staff who prepated
us great meals!

Partner's in Crime.

Kisses from the Dominican!


Going for a ride.

Don't jump!

I think we should leave now...

Ahhh... The beloved siesta!

See your mama cookin' with Glen Close.

Toe hurting? Call 1-800-PICK-AXE!

To drink or not to drink...

Colin painting.

Hangin' out with the cripple.

Smile for the camera!

It's... Salt!

The entrance to the camp.

How cute!

Our resident lady's club.

Peace man.

Posing for a picture.

Same here.

And here.

Who? Me?

¡Qué fací!
(No way!)

She just keeps painting.

¡Hola Manuel!

Melanie, our other interpreter.

Pastor Nelson and his daughter.

Pastor Nelson and Phil.

Remember when you had this much fun
in the bath tub?

What a good painter!

Tiffany's enjoying the scenery, how
'bout you?

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