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Welcome to the UMYF picture gallery. Because this gallery has grown to be so large, the some of the newer pictures can be found here with links to older pictures at the bottom of this page.

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Pictures from the Junior High Mission Trip to West Virginia.

Pictures from the Senior High Trip to the Dominican Republic.

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Confirmation 98

The graduating Confirmation class
of 1998.


One of the exciting sports of Youth Week:
water balloon volleyball!

Casey and Sarah

Gettin' down in 'da hood.

Casey Looses

Poor Casey, always loosing during
a wrestling confrontation.


See what I mean?


No, she doesn't always look so awake --
She drank a cup of Phil's coffee!

Christy and Phil

Look! It's the Little People!

Sarah and Erin

A little music for your dining
pleasure tonight?


Amazing what a camera can attract, eh?


And you thought toothpaste was just for
brushing your teeth.

Youth Week Group

Someone's in the kitchen with Dina...
Now if we only knew who Dina was!
And why she's in our kitchen!

Jeremy and Katie

Don't you just hate it when you have
relatives on trips with you?

Jeremy Lick

It's a good thing Phil had his back
to Jeremy. Wait! Maybe that's not
such a good thing...

Jeremy Mouth

Ever wonder what your counselor has
had to eat?

Matt and Blair

What a couple!


Another game played during Youth Week.


And yet another game played. Noticing
a trend yet?


Someone's always goofing off during a
time of seriousness. And taking a picture
at that! Jeez!


I don't think you want to know...

Youth Week Group

Just killing time, swinging in the breeze.

Youth Week Group

Group hug!

Pictures from the Truth Slayers Musical Mission Tour

Pictures from Past Retreats

Pictures from the Domincan Republic Mission trip

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