Cross & Flame Youth Pictures

Welcome to the Past Retreats portion of our picture gallery! Click any of the thumbnails below for a larger version.

CJ on top of the world!

Monkey boy, CJ Hunt, is once
again, on top of the world!

Earth Ball Soccer

One of the games of the Youth
Week '97 Retreat - Earth
Ball soccer. A great game
to bruise people.

CrossTrainers Crew

The CrossTrainers '96 Retreat crew.


An old picture of Jeremy Slater in Homestead after Hurricane Andrew.


Matt Bowers ponders what to do with his drink while the camera catches a picture.

Sarah & Erin

Sarah Lamar and Erin Anderson take a moment from reading a movie script.

Christy just isn't too sure about
this walking on the snow thing.

Guess the best snow to eat is that
which hasn't been on the ground...
Saves you from eating that
"yellow snow."

One thing about the snow...
Someone's always trying to hit
you with a giant snowball!

Adam & Whitney
Adam Bowers and Whitney Mackay posing for the camera.

The Gator

The elusive creature that kept us
entertained on the Youth Week Retreat.


Jason Boswell cools off with the
help of Janice Brown during a
game of Wipeout!

Chad & Whitney

Chad Fortney pushing Whitney Mackay around in one of the luggage carts at Leesburg.


Rick Fortney takes a break from cleaning up in Homestead after Hurricane Andrew.

Casey & Mason prepare to head
down the slopes!

Better watch out or Danny might
get you with a snowball!

Here's a look at the group who
braved the slopes!

Better watch out for that tree Casey!

And they're off to the top again!

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