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Audio Adrenaline

The Official Audio Adrenaline Homepage

Steven Curtis Chapman

Steven Curtis Chapman

dc Talk

Song Clip - Jesus Freak (RealAudio format)
Song Clip - Colored People (RealAudio format)
Song Clip - Day by Day (RealAudio format)
Song Clip - In the Light (RealAudio format)
Song Clip - Mind's Eye (RealAudio format)

Jars of Clay

The Official Jars Of Clay Homepage
CCM CoverStory, October 1997
Song Clip - Crazy Times  (RealAudio)
Song Clip - Coca Cola Radio Commercial (RealAudio)
Song Clip - Faith Like A Child (Real Audio)
Song Clip - Boy On A String (RealAudio)
Song Clip - Flood (RealAudio)
Video - Orignal Video for Flood (In RealVideo Format)
Song Clip - Blind (RealAudio)


The Official Newsboys Homepage
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Twila Paris

The Official Twila Paris Homepage
Twila Paris Fan Page


The Official Petra Homepage

Michael W. Smith

The Official Michael W. Smith Homepage
Song Clip - Cry For Love (.au format)
Song Clip - Straight To The Heart (.au format)
Song Clip - Rocketown (.au format)
Song Clip - Secret Ambition (.au format)
Song Clip - Go West Young Man (.au format)
Song Clip - Picture Perfect (.au format)
Song Clip - Kentucky Rose (.au format)
Music Video Clip - Cry For Love (.mov format)
Music Video Clip - Somebody Love Me (.mov format)
Music Video Clip - Secret Ambition (.mov format)
Music Video Clip - I Miss The Way (.mov format)

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