Cross & Flame Youth Pictures

Welcome to the Junior High Mission Trip pictures!

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An old mining car.

Happy, happy birthday!

Tip-toe-ing through the river.

You get the bed tomorrow.

What are you looking at?

Get off me fatty!

Posing outside of their cabin.

Everyone in the town shows up
for Phil's sermon.

The group as they stood... And
kneeled and sat.

More of our group.

Hefty, hefty, hefty!

Hard at work...

Hey cutie!

Is it me?

Whitewater rafting in brown water!

Guess it's ok to swim in the brown water.

Our rafting picture.

Umm... We're not sure either.

Rick found someone on his own level.

I'm Sherrif. Sherrif Gump.

Rolling down the dog walking area.

The guy's cabin.

The local hang-out spot.

Wanna cookie?

Hanging out in the hotel.

To eat or not to eat...

OK, so who's the real bonlde?

Hmmm... Running water.

Anyone got any toilet paper?


Who's going to win this one?

C'mon. It'll be fun!

Going for a ride to the coal mines.

Some of the brave souls who went
into the mines.

I hope no one jumps!

Ranger Rick's Rough Riders.

Good picture!

One of the VBS kids.

Our love birds for this trip.

Beware of knife weilding maniacs!

Hello over there!

Pastor Frank 'n' Phil.

Our fearless leader.

Phil 0 - JT 10

Phil who?

Preparing snack.

Look! Their working!

Hi Ho Silver! Away!

Tom and a friend.

A post rafting experience.

A waterfall. Oooo.

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