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Near the end of last month, we posted this:

This just in -- tonight's dc Talk concert from the Billy Graham Crusade!

What an awesome night. With two awesome bands followed by the awesomest speaker and 74,000 awesome people gathered in an awesome new stadium you would figure that it would be an awesom night! I heard Jars of Clay put on a great show but unfortunately I missed it. dc Talk puts on one of the most exciting shows I have ever seen; complete with wacko dance moves, crowd surfing, and climbing around on the stage scaffolding. They seemed like a funny group of guys. Every few minutes Kevin Max would flash a cute pose to the news media. (That would be me!) They sang "Supernatural," a new song that reminds me of "Jesus Freak" but with a cooler techno-like mix in the middle. Next was "Colored People" with the same style intro as on their live CD. Then a little audience participation started off "In the Light," followed by "Day by Day." To speed things back up they did a rousing rendition of "Jesus Freak." This is the song where they brought out the funk in their music, dancing up a storm. The last song they sang was "My Will" off of the Exodus CD. (See my past reviews.) Not as many people seemed to know this song but everyone in the crowd seemed to like it.

Check back for more to-the-minute reviews and up-close-and-personal pictures from the show!

As, you are probably well aware, we didn't keep our promise very well until now. Here's some more from the Billy Graham Crusade that came to Tampa, FL.

Billy Graham Crusade - October 25,1998
by Erin

It wasn't supposed to be possible. They weren't supposed to be able to fill the stadium and then the over flow section and have to lock the gates and have people stand, but it happened! What a miracle! The total count was 78,000. It was an unforgettable evening. (Michael W. Smith wore a suit!) Take 6 opened up with beautiful acappella praise songs. Then Michael W. came and played "How Majestic" and a few other well-known praise songs, including "Awesome God" and "I Love You Lord." Can you picture the sound of 78 thousand people singing "Awesome God"?!?! It gave me chills. It was beautiful. He, of course, sang "Friends" with the usual cute intro about how he wrote the song 16 years ago and little did he know he'd have to sing it for the rest of his life. I'm sure a lot of people there hadn't ever heard that song. What a great opportunity to reach people and touch their lives. He ended with Rich Mullin's "I See You". The audience quickly figured out what to do and by the end he had the whole stadium singing along to his acoustic guitar. As the music faded into the night, the air exploded with applause for the former President, George Bush (who later in the evening smiled at me!). He gave a touching testimony and showed us all how much he truly trusted and loved the Lord. He said he didn't think any man could or should be President without God. He talked about his mother and his relationship with Billy Graham. At one point he got tears in his eyes and you could tell he meant what he was saying. He was a very powerful speaker. The crusade was a huge success not the mention a huge miracle! Praise the Lord!

Check out these pictures from out Press Access at the Billy Graham Crusade!

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