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Here's a little about our Youth Group:

Our group is made up of two parts: our Junior High Group, composed of grades six through eight, and our Senior High Group, composed of grades nine through twelve. The Junior High group meets on Friday nights from 5:30pm until 8:00pm for Mid-High Only. The Senior High group meets on Sunday nights from 5:15pm until 8:00pm for UMYF. Members of the Junior High group are invited and encouraged to attend Sunday night UMYF as well. During UMYF or Mid-High Only, members are provided with a meal, a program, a time of celebration, and a recreational period.

We also have what we call a Youth Council. This is the group of youth members who take care of the legistics of our Youth Group. Youth Council is made of one Grade Rep and one Alternate for each grade, along with the chair of each of our committees. Youth Council's governing body consists of a Co-Chair, a Treasurer, a Secretary, a Historian, the editor of our newsletter Virtuous Reality, our Youth Pastor, and our Youth Coordinator. (This is one of the adult counselors.) The Co-Chair of Youth Council runs the quarterly Youth Council meetings.

Our committees provide us with another factor of our group. These committees are the bodies that plan what activities we do outside of program times. Currently, we have a Retreats Committee, who is responsible for planning all of our retreats, a Fundraising Committee, who has the task of creating and executing all of our fundraisers, a Support and Recognition Committee, who provides the members with a way of recognizing that they are someone special, a Service Committee, who is reponsible for all of our service projects such as Habitat for Humanities, and a Fellowship Committee, who has the responsibility for providing the group with activities within the group and with other groups. Keep in mind that each committee is run by the youth -- the only adult help they have is from the one adult advisor for their committee.

For more information, contact Phil Miller-Evans via e-mail or through the church on our contacts page.

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